Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Smidge of an Update

Training in ICU is going great! I really fit in there and am enjoying learning more about the health care system. It is, at times, as somber place to work but I think I will enjoy the experiences that this position offers to me.

Parents night was last night for Ballet class for Jellybean and it was absolutley adorable. Rush started piano lessons yesterday, as well, for this year. She started off with a review and hadn't forgotten nearly as much as I thought she would. She must have a good teacher (huh? huh? huh?).

I had hurt my back last Monday and have been on Work Restriction since (no bending or lifting) and my back it slowly starting to get better. My chiropractor is my best friend right now.

BigB is extremely busy as they are implementing a new system at work and it hasn't gone as smoothly as some would have hoped and still others believe it has gone (that is mainly the guy who could get all the credit for it). So, he is tired and a smidge cranky with some of the users at work. Fortunately he is not coming home cranky at us.

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Paula Joy said...

Are you ever going to update again??? What is going on???