Saturday, October 07, 2006

Slight Change in Plans

I will not be training in ICU for about a year...I just got a temporary full time cash clerk position that is supposed to end the end of August 2007. I will do my training for the relief position after that.

It is going to be so nice...working Mon to Fri, every third Friday off and days only. The job is, I have heard, stressful, however, I am thinking it will be nice to have a stressful job with a regular paycheck as opposed to being stressed out because I don't know when I will be called in.



Paula Joy said...

Okay, so I said I read it on your blog, but I totally meant the post before this one.
So, then, my congratulations was for the ICU job, so I take that back and now say CONGRATS to the new Mon to Fri position.
I am sure you will do great.
P.S. It was nice to see you today, even if it was stinkin' cold!!! And, again, nice "toque".

tanby said...

so i am totally dying to did it go. please let me know