Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taking a trip...down memory lane

Rush had to interview someone for school about a childhood memory that impacted their lives. Apparently her dad decided to tell her that she should ask me since I apparently have lots of memories that have impacted my life.

I wasn't really sure which memory to tell her I mean there are lots of memories that flood to mind when I think about it. I thought of telling her about the day I found out I was pregnant with her, about the time my brother almost drowned behind the barn, of being rescued numerous times by my grandpa when I got stuck in the muck in the barnyard, of tipping and tailing beans with my granny on her front porch, of being tricked to go to the barn by my parents so they could show me my new horse but, I think the memory that impacted me most, from my childhood, was the day our trailer burnt down so, I sat her down and began to tell my story.

It was February 1988 on a Saturday morning. My brother had woken up and was watching Saturday morning cartoons and everyone else was sleeping or in the process of just waking up. Apparently Shawn got thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink when he saw the flames shooting out of the electric outlet in our dining room at the head of the cot where my Grandpa E had slept just days earlier.

He yelled fire but I think it was my mom who ended up waking up my sister and I with her yells. We jumped up. I grabbed the quilt from off my bed and wrapped it around me and we ran up to my grandma's house in our bare feet. We didn't even feel the cold from the snow until we were safe and in Grandma's watching as our life's memories burnt before our eyes.

That's what I miss...the pictures/memories that were destroyed that day. Everything else is just STUFF; it comes and goes.

Our community really pulled together for us. The searched their stuff for things we would need and held a benefit dance for us at the local Elks Hall. What meant the most to me though was my good friend, Kerrie, who I had an on again off again relationship with (but who was also my best friend) gave me her most prized possession the next school day, a cross necklace.

My husband kind of laughs at me (in an innocent way) but I think this is why I take so many pictures of my family and friends...I am terrified of losing them all again. Possessions mean nothing in the grand scheme of things and we all (me included) give them too much power in our lives. What matters is the relationships, your family, your friends...

As we approach the Christmas season let's all try to remember that objects are temporary it is the legacy we leave, the love we give and the lives we lead that really mean anything in this world.


Paula Joy said...

To be all Dr Phil like, I'd have to say that this sounds like it was a major defining moment in your life. It is good that you appreciate the things that matter, and you can distinguish the difference due to your experience.
I remember watching my preschool burn when I was four. I can't imagine if it was my home.
Thank you for reminding me to pay attention to the things that matter and will last - especially at Christmas.

tanby said...

very true and powerful. we have had so many defining moments in our lives it would be very hard to pick one. i too remember carrying the quilt but not feeling the frost burn until we were safe. what a powerful tool adrenelin is.