Sunday, October 01, 2006


They are still here...they probably couldn't find another place that would rent to them.

Today as we were leaving to go to the farm, she was verbally attacking our landlords whom we were speaking with. I gave her a funny look and she lashed out at me calling me an "f"ing dirty "b" and what the "h*&& are you looking at? You better watch your back 'b'!!! You don't know who you are dealing with..."

We were leaving Rush at home by herself because she is sick and these people who live 2 feet away from our kitchen window are obviously mentally disturbed. I was pretty nervous about it and called her a couple of times to ensure that she hadn't been harmed.

We have been given fair warning by the landlords that they may need to get us to sign a statement and/or go to court to defend them. It sounds like they are going to be evicted and soon because if they aren't gone within a month or so we are leaving...

I will not subject my kids to their late night 5 minute (numerous) visits (by suspected pharmecutical buyers), psychotic outbursts of verbal diarrhea or out of control rages. The list could go on and on and on. If they are not gone...we are!!!


tanby said...

wow thats too bad. i had really hoped for your sake they would be gone by now.

Melanie said...

Geez! She flies off the handle from a look? Freakin' ridiculous! The sooner they're evicted the better.