Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh yeah!!! What a feeling!!!

You all know what a sucker I am for deals and how there are times when I am so fortunate to stumble over a really good one. Well, today, Bug and I were at Wal Mart (shocking!) and we were just strolling around when I found some clearance garden stuff. It peaked my curiosity especially when I saw a trellis for $2.00. $2.00?!? That price simply couldn't be right considering the tag on it said $19.99.

We threw a couple in the cart and went to find one of those price checkers but none of them worked so it was off to the till to pay for our items and I asked the girl what the trellis came up as. They were definitly $2.00!!! I have been wanting some but have always been too cheap to pay the $20. By the time Bug and I got home I had 4 of them and had only spent $8.00!!!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I am stealthy! I am just like a...ninja...a shopping ninja!!!

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