Saturday, September 09, 2006

Have I mentioned...?

Have I mentioned that we have new neighbors? Have I mentioned that they are an extrememly young family with extremely vulgar language and even more vulgar friends? Have I mentioned how completely unimpressed I am?

Tonight "J" came home from work, was here for about a half hour and mentioned seeing our neighbors with said friends, she then went out to get in her car and came back angrier than I have ever seen her. These wonderful neighbors of ours or their friends wrote on the dust on "J's" car some rather crude and vulgar words that have me incredibly p'ed off and about ready to go pay them a visit but, I am resisting because...frankly, I don't know why other than the fact that what I would say and do would be completely wrong.

I am getting completely fed up with this neighborhood...dirty needles in the back alley, neighbors swearing around my 3 year old, eggs being thrown at our cars, busted beer bottles on our front lawn...

I think the country is calling me very, very, very loudly.

P.S. I took Bug to the doctor today because he was complaining about his ears last night. Turns out he doesn't have the ear infection I thought he had but he has something called miroengitis (spelling?) which has nothing to do with menningitis but is a blistering of his ear drums and there is nothing we can do for him other than children's Advil. He is in so much pain. The doctor said it is extremely painful and that Bug's eardrum looks like someone took a cigarette to it. My poor, poor baby.


Heidi said...

Hi thanks for your comment! I am so sorry for your little Bug - there's only so much we can do for them and the rest is just a waiting game. It's so hard to watch them isn't it? Hope he's well soon. Sorry to hear you have to put up with such terrible neighbours - eesh!

RennyBA said...

Said to hear you have neighbours with such bad manners. Some has no respect for others and their property nowadays – but what can one do? I do understand your frustrations!
Even more I was sorry to hear about Bug in such pain. I remember my mom gave me warm milk with honey when I had ear infection. I think her attention was the thing that comforts me the most thoug:-)

tanby said...

I am so sorry Bug, get better soon. about the neighbors... hopefully they will grow up or move soon. you don't need to be around that.

Melanie said...

Oh that sucks! Time to move huh?