Friday, September 08, 2006

My Road to...Recovery?

Mr.B left about an hour ago with his dad, the girls left for school early today as Rush had her third and final volleball try-out and J is still sleeping. I mistakingly thought it would be safe to leave Bug in one room while I lay down in another as I listened to the "grim reaper" scratch his nails at my door taunting me (ok, I am melodramatic). Bug is a ninja, quiet and mischevious. I heard him call out for me in a panic-striken voice. I jumped out of bed with as much energy as I can muster and ran to...the bathroom? Yes, there stood Bug ankle deep in toilet water that was still bubbling over the toilet seat and seaping into our hallway.

I managed to stay calm even though I seriously felt like crying and calling MerryMaids to come clean it so I could just crawl back to my bed, pulled the 90% of a ROLL of toilet paper out of the toilet and began drying the floor with towels. I now have that done, have put that load of towels in to be washed and am waiting to, now, have enough energy to wash the floor however, that can be done in an hour or so. I just needed to share my dismay with someone and you all seemed to be best for that job.

I have now recruited the help of my least favorite babysitter...that being television and more accurately "Treehouse" so that I may continue resting and hopefully not have to deal with halucinations of the past few days brought on by my recurring fever and Bug said he was sorry so I hope that stands for 'I will never do that again, my gorgeous, hard working mommy who deserves so much more than we can ever give her.' Uh oh, the fever must be back; time to lay down.

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tanby said...

im so sorry, thats horrible. funny, but horrible.