Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sure Sign...

Sure sign you're extrememly sick is when your manager sees you at Meet the Teacher night at the school and says..."I DO NOT want to see you at work tomorrow!!!".

I didn't really even want to go tonight; well, not physically anyway. The "mom" part of me was NOT missing it!!! And I didn't!!! Now, it is 7:45, I am boiling water for a neocitron, going to bed and praying that I don't faint.

Please keep my physical self in your prayers as Mr.B is leaving first thing in the morning to go to Ft. McMurray with his dad for the weekend.

By the way, Rush is presently, at Regis getting her hair done by our friend; who is putting red chunks in Rush's hair. there will be pictures. I have no doubt that she will do a great job but I am a little nervous as to how, um, bold it will be, as there is not going to be parental supervision since I am sick and Mr. B is preparing for his trip.

Gotta will be up when I can...

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