Monday, March 27, 2006

Why must my kids be so darn beautiful?

Okay, so it may sound vain to begin with and I do have to admit that I do have good looking kids but when they get dressed up...holy smokes. Look out world. (And mom grab kleenex...that's right I saw my youngest daughter looking like this and I bawled...bawled I tell you, like a baby. I am not ashamed.)

Our friend, Wayne, popped by today with a suitcase for us full of dresses for LilB and DearN's wedding. This has been a long awaited arrival. They were just in Kansas City and it was just a whole lot easier and quicker for them to bring the dresses with them on the way back.

Jellybean has tried hers on; J is at work so we need to wait and see what that looks like for a later time. We will need a bit of alterations on Jellybean's on the bodice but that seems to be it.

Enough of a delay though, I present to you my gorgeous, stunning, amazing daughter...

Full length front view.

Close up.

Just because I thought this one looked absolutely gorgeous!


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PJ said...

How extremely beautiful! She is growing up so fast! When is the wedding?
P.S. I have started my blog again.

PJ said...

Would help if I signed with the right web address...