Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My son smells really good

Bug is an avid teeth brusher. He LOVES to brush his teeth so this morning I got him all set up to brush his teeth and went back to do some chores. He took a really long time but that is not unusual, like I said, he loves to brush his teeth. A nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach had me go in and check up on him. There stood my son on his little stool with my brand new jar of expensive hair conditioner; it was all over his hair, his face and his hands. Fighting the urge to be mad at him, I went and grabbed the camera (to satisfy my scrapbook page planning addiction), shot a couple of pictures (still on my camera so I can't put them on here yet) and began to wipe him off. A bath is in the very fore-seeable future for him as I can't get it out of his hair but boy, does he smell nice and his skin is really, really, really soft....

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