Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Glance at This Winter (LilB this is for you, so you believe it)

The last 3 weeks we have gotten so much snow that it is hard to believe it will ever end. I have seen more people stuck in front of my house in the last 3 weeks than in the last 5 years. I have been stuck more in the last 3 weeks than in all the years since I got my learner's license. I have not seen this much snow since I was a kid and I was reminded of my childhood by my brother the other day when he told me he saw his 2 sons walking around the farm yard sucking on an icicle. Anyway, let's have a glance at out winter in pictures...

This picture was taken February 12 in our backyard. You can see the entire fence and there isn't much snow in the rest of the yard either.

This one was taken on March 1.

This one was taken just this weekend. The snow, although being a heap load of fun if you resort back to childhood ways and games, has been a great source of exercise for our town. We have spent more time shovelling and pushing out our neighbors than not. This last Saturday we shovelled our walkways 3 times just to try to keep up so that we could walk on said walkway and we still weren't able to keep up. A lot are complaining, and yes it is enough all ready, but it really is a lot of fun.

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