Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Music Monkeys

Rush and her friend performed at the annual Music Festival that is going on this week. They were called The Music Monkeys. I was not able to attend because they were running late and I had to pick up Jellybean from school and get them lunch when it was presumed that the girls would play. Anyway, I missed it and I really wanted to see her not only to support her but, because she has decided that this will be her last year in Band.

I just got a call from Rush telling me she was on her way back to school for the rest of the afternoon but, mainly, she wanted to tell me that The Music Monkeys got first place!!! First Place, I tell you and she wants to quit!!!

I just wanted to spread my joy with the rest of you in blogger land and to tell you that my heart is about to burst with pride. She is a talented girl. I hope she changes her mind about quitting because she has a lot of talent for it and a lot of time invested into it.

Oh, by the way, the girls recieved a score of A-.

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