Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spur of the moment

Bug needed a spur of the moment bath. You know the ones I am talking about; every parent does. Those baths that are simply much easier than trying to wipe the child off from whatever it is that they got into and whatever mess they made with it.

Today's spur of the moment bath was courtesy of Bug trying very, very hard to start going to the bathroom by himself. He felt the need to do some business. The urge was stronger than he was and began in his pull up. Not wanting to ask for help, my son pulled his pull up off, smeared his bum up onto the seat, had a little pee and smeared his bum off of the seat. (I need to interject here and tell you that only minutes ago I had finished cleaning the toilet!) Needless to say, he came running out of the bathroom covered in poop. As we (J & I) got him back to the bathroom, we noticed poop smeared up and down the toilet and on the floor.

This is what resulted in his spur of the moment bath. I love potty training(being a twit). I love motherhood. (and I am not being a twit about THAT. Yes, it was a smelly mess to clean up but, it was kind of cute and admirable the way Mr. Magoo went about it. Can't be mad about that...)

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tanby said...

hey i will update later but the party was a big success. he had tons of fun