Sunday, March 12, 2006

Can You Believe It?

It is all ready March 12. I can't believe it! Where is this year going?! LilB and DearN will be married in less than 2 months! I am so excited! Not only do we get to have a little bit of a break and a holiday but we get to see our oldest son get married to a wonderful girl. We are so excited to officially call her our daughter and welcome her into our family. We all love her so much. We can't, however, call her our daughter yet because Jellybean is insisting that that is a rule and she can't be called Jellybean's sister until LilB marries her (even though she is the most excited to have DearN as her sister).

A little over a month after the big wedding, we get to watch J graduate from high school and move on to another phase of her life as well. (All these kids moving on to different life phases is enough for me to need a vacation...) It has been very emotional for me. I think of when I first met these kids; LilB was barely 11, J 9, Tuff 3 and BabyK was only a few months. What are they doing now? LilB is off getting married and beginning a new chapter of his life; J is graduating and off to a new chapter in her life. Rush is 12 now and I think of how quickly the years passed from when LilB was 12 and the tears start to surface because I think of how he is now off in a different country and beginning a family of his own.

Time has such a way of playing tricks on us parents. As children the days dragged on and on; summer vacation seemed an eternity away, Christmas even farther. Now, the days melt into years and our babies are adults when they should only be 5.

Now that I am a blubbering mess I need to stop, pull myself together and get some work done because time has a way of slipping away before we get all we need to done.

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Candice said...

My in laws loved me too. Until we had been married a while, hahaha.
No seriously, it all sounds so exciting! AndI'm sure a little tiny bit sad too, huh?