Thursday, December 01, 2005

Poor Little Monkey

Today I had to break Hallie's heart...but I did it for her own good. She is really sick, crouping cough, raw throat, slight fever, big black eyes...

I am keeping her home from school today.

Heartbreak sets in.

Tears fall from her eyes while she manages to squeak out poor pathetic little cries.

"What if all mine friends are havin' fun right now...?"

"What if I am supposed to be the leader today...?"

I tried reasoning with her, telling her this will make it so she doesn't get really, really sick and need to go to the hospital where she would have to miss a whole lot of school. Unfortunately there is no reasoning with a sick, heartbroken girl (especially when she is only 5...or younger) and that only made her cry harder saying that she didn't want to miss that much school or be in the hospital...

I would like to thank her teacher who is obvioulsy making Hallie's kindergarten experience an absolutely wonderful and joyous time. However, if the crying keeps up today I may want to strangle said teacher (but only out of love and appreciation for how much she has made my daughter love her.)

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Dominique said...

This is so sweet. I love hearing when kids are really excited about school.

Chloe saw the photo below of Hallie and was excited to know that she's almost her age. So she asked, of course, when she gets to play with her.

BTW, what happened with Crazy Lady? Is everything okay?