Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And Here is My 7

Seven things to do before I die:

1. go to Norway, Ireland and so many more but those are the 2 biggies
2. become a nurse
3. get back into shape
4. learn to knit
5. get out of debt
6. see my children become successful people (and I don't mean socially successful...I mean well-rounded successful)
7. finsih my family tree book

Seven things to do before I die (when I was a not-so-idealsitic teenager):

1. marry any member of Motley Crue (except Mick Mars), Jon Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Slash, any member of Poison or Steve Tyler (I know, I know...don't judge me)
2. own a Harley
3. get a tattoo (or several)
4. be adopted by Alice Cooper and/or Ozzy Osborne (man am I ever glad that had no hope of ever coming true)
5. go to Norway
6. join a bike gang
7. become famous for my dark poetry

Seven things I cannot do:

1. swim
2. remember most of the French I learned
3. remember to water my plants
4. enjoy coffee
5. sit through any type of performance without crying because I am so proud of the work everyone did to pull it kids' dance recitals, Christmas concerts, Kids' Christmas programs oh, and let's not forget Broadway North Musicals...)
6. drive behind someone going slightly less than the speed limit
7. sit through most movies without crying for one reason or another

Seven things that attract me to my spouse:

1. his attempt to be the tough, macho guy which we all can see through so clearly
2. the way he looks in a blue dress shirt
3. the way he reminds me when I am not behaving the way I "should"
4. the way he gets up with our son in the middle of the night
5. the way he tries to not let me catch him crying during a movie
6. the way he strokes my face when I am upset and makes me feel safe
7. his biceps

Seven things I say most often:

1. Would you like cheesetoast or twist bread instead of garlic toast?
2. For sure
3. I'll be right there.
4. Aren, I am not telling you again...(leave that cat alone)
5. Thumb in the thumbhole, fingers all together. This is the song we sing in mitten weather...(but only in the winter which is 9 months of the year)
6. Go ask your father
7. So, anyways...(this one was Dixie's but I think I say this a lot too)

Seven books I love:

1. God's Leading Lady
2. any true crime story
3. Lord of the Flies
4. Simple Faith
5. The Chrysalids
6. Romeo and Juliet or MacBeth
7. The Monster at the End of This Book

Seven movies I would watch over and over again:

1. Titanic (I just makes me dig into my imagination)
2. Legends of the Fall
3. Old Yeller
4. The Breakfast Club
5. Grease
6. The Lord of the Rings trilogy
7. Finding Nemo

Seven people I want to join in too: (NOTE: If you don't have a spouse, make it seven things that you think will attract you/ that you admire/ notice in the opposite sex, or a potential mate)

I ran out of people...

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