Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Tradition

Today, we began a new tradition for Christmas. The three kids and I (Cherish, Hallie and Aren) went to the store and they each bought a book that they would enjoy reading to give to the children's ward at our hospital. Rush wrapped them with the help of the giver and we will be taking them to the hospital probably tomorrow or perhaps later this afternoon. We will see how we all manage our time this afternoon. They are very, very excited to do this and are so pleased that they were able to do this.

I thought of this the other day when I was fuming over having to work on Christmas Day and then thought about all the kids who will have to be "Stuck" in the hospital this day and all through the year. I then thought what is Christmas supposed to be? Is it supposed to be about us spending all our money to buy more stuff from StuffMart for our kids or should we be instilling values into our kids as to what Christmas really is? Should we not give of ourselves to show others love? The kids embraced this idea with so much vigor and enthusiasm that I wish I would have thought of it years before.

So, here is to the beginning of a tradition and to the start of more selfless things our family can do during the Christmas season and all through the year to help people and to just bless them, if even in just a small way.


PJ said...

That is a very good idea!

Dominique said...

What a beautiful tradition to begin with your kids. I'm sorry you have to work on Christmas. We'll be hustling through airports to get to my family. I think I planned this poorly. Cheers.

Dominique said...

Oh - and good Christmas thoughts on your part. It's really great to read similar thoughts from many others. Your example of selflessness is very encouraging.