Monday, December 05, 2005

My Son is a Mouse

I am just in the middle of preparing lunch for myself, Hallie and Aren. I left the room for a minute to grab the phone and came back to find Aren take HUGE mouthfuls of cheese out of the block. After weasling the cheese away from him and trying not to laugh while giving him heck, I told Bill (who was teh one that called) what Aren had just done.

He laughed and told me that there was something he had forgotten to tell me, something Aren had done awhile ago and it had slipped his mind. Aren had stolen the huge block of cheese, ran to his room and Bill found him sitting on his bed eating this incredibly big piece of cheese (you know the one you get at Superstore for $22?).

I think that is too hilarious. My family has always loved hard cheese. My brother, my sister and I would go up to grandma's house after school for an after-school snack of hard cheese and crackers, fill up and be too full for supper. She used to tease us about being mice and I think, perhaps, I have a mouse of my own. Cherish and Hallie love cheese too but so far in their lives they have not taken it upon themselves to eat the entire block of cheese. (Am I ever glad he didn't succeed at that venture....can someone say blocked up...)


tanby said...

how many different ways do you know to serve prune juice? what a little monkey.

Maureen said...

While both of the boys like cheese, Ben will do the same job to a hunk of garlic sausage. We've found him hiding behind the couch munching away. We've also smelled his breath and wondered what on earth he got into and eventualy linked it to the garlic sausage with teeth marks!!!

Melanie said...

LOL way too cute. Sadly, I have to admit, we eat more cheese than is healthy for a family of five. Glad we're not alone!!! :)