Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just got back from church

...and had a little laugh to share with you. We left the warmth of our sanctuary to see a nice layer of snow on the vehicles in the parking lot (is this almost May or almost December?). BigB usually gets Rush to tell him if the way is clear and Jellybean has decided to take an active role in this duty as well. Tonight, with the friendly snow (I am trying to stay positive about it because it doesn't appear to want to leave) sticking to our window and the lack of snow brush in the van (where did it go?) Jellybean's side window was impossible to see out of. Here is how the story played out...

Jellybean confidently pipes up from the back, "It's clear! (pause) I think...I don't know...I can't see...".

I know as you read this you'll be thinking 'so?' but it was a cute moment-possibly a "had to be there" moment but you are getting to hear it all the same.

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Paula Joy said...

I think that's cute!!

How did the basement turn out??