Friday, April 04, 2008

The gentle art of persuasion

Bug came to me this morning asking if he could watch his "Spiderman" movie. I told him I didn't know just yet and "Could I think about it?"

He told me, "Yes." (waited for 30 seconds) "What do you think your answer is?"

"I don't know; I haven't even had a chance to think yet."

"Oh, okay." (waited about 5 seconds) "How about now?"

"Buddy, I can't think if you keep asking me questions."

"Oh, well could you just say Y. E. S.?"

"Buddy, just go and I will let you know when I am done thinking."

"Okay but it will be 'yes' right?"

It was eventually yes (about 15 minutes after the end of this conversation) as I had planned on putting a movie on for him while I went and had a shower but I had to let him play that one out a bit so it didn't seem like his persuasion was what had worked...

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