Sunday, January 28, 2007

We Got Here Safe

We got here on Friday but my computer has been driving me absolutely nuts. I think we may have got it working.

Anyway, Nat and I went shopping yesterday and went to Atlanta Bread for coffees, smoothies and cookies. It is a really nice place; they have fresh baked breads, baking, pizzas, salads etc and a nice cozy atmosphere.

Today we went to church and we all went to JackStacks for the best BBQ I've ever eaten (since last time I ate there) and then off to Walmart to go shopping. I still haven't found the right battery for my video camera (ours only holds a charge for about 5 minutes).

Tomorrow Bill & I are going to go looking for a battery again, perhaps go to the music store and go to Independence Mall for some of our own deals. Nat and I were finding 75% off all ready reduced prices.

We are really missing the kids and it felt really weird not being with Jenn on her birthday; she is now 19 years old. Holy smokes. I can't believe it.

Gonna go for now as I am starting to have more computer issues and I hope this makes it onto the blog. Here's hoping!

1 comment:

Joanne said...

We are missing you guys, it seemed strange to not see you this morning.

Take care, and enjoy!