Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Day

I know; I know. It doesn't seem like it is that time all ready but tomorrow morning (way earlier than I would care to be on the road) we are beginning our journey home. Now, don't get me wrong, it will be GREAT to see our kids again. There have been a few tear episodes on both our parts from missing the kids. It will also be great to see our friends again...missing them lots too but, it is always a sad time leaving the kids here and our family and friends that we have made here.

Yesterday we got to spend most of the day with our dear friends Johnnie and Sue and it sounds like we will be making a quick trip here in the coming months for their wedding. Today we are spending the day with the kids and it sounds like they are taking us to a place called Mongolian Barbeque for lunch and then we are headed to an art museum and then we will be winging it from there.

It has been a lot of fun getting to spend time with Mike and Joyce too, nice quality time. Mike, Joyce, Nat and I played dominoes one night until we all had to drop out to go to bed. It is great to laugh with people especially when you can be all be laughing at some silly thing you did.

As I said earlier, we are leaving tomorrow; we will be staying in a hotel tomorrow night but we will be pushing (no leisurely driving this time). I will be able to update you one more time before you (most of you) see me.

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