Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Heh there! Hear that crash! My Advil just hit the trash!!!

Oh yeah! That's right, baby!!! I am so pumped right now! As Bill and I were driving through North Dakota and the tears started to stream down my face. I felt something I haven't felt in 2 head without a headache. It feels bizzarre to be honest with you and I keep expecting to wake up and have it be a dream.

Anyway to let you in on what happened today; I got a needle to my spine just like a reverse epidural like I thought however, it took Dr T. 4 times to get it in properly and effectively. This hurt a lot and I was curled up on the bed in a tight fetal position. After the second attempt I felt the tears creep out of my eyes but that was the extent of it. Now, my back is tender in that area but that is all...sitting in the van definitely left those back muscles stiff.

Bill & I drove through to Minot today and stopped at Kroll's Diner for a great burger and of the expected highlights of this trip and it didn't disappoint. We had then planned to just find a hotel room in Minot (flying by the seat of our pants in a sense) but they had an AgExpo on and there was not an available room in town. The fog was terrible and you could barely see 3 feet in front of you so we weren't keen on driving another 45 to the next town with hotels but what choice did we have.

I began to pray for the fog to part before us so we could see where we were going and IT DID!!! You could see the fog all around us except for the stretch in front of us. I thought that was incredibly cool.

We made it to Rugby, where I sit typing this post out. WE headed straight for the pool and hot tub in order to relax a bit. For those that know me well, you know that I can't I usually just muck around and float a bit while pinching my nose shut. Today I was gliding a bit and floating on my stomach without plugging my nose and I only got water up my nose ONCE!!!
It has been a terrific day and a terrific start to our vacation.

So I am in the process of heading off to bed after all that exercise this evening and all the excitement I am feeling beat. Thank you all for your prayers regarding my headaches and this procedure; you have no idea how much it has meant to me to feel no headache even if it is just for a while (I will have to go on medication according to Dr.T). We love you, miss you and will see you when we get home.


Joanne said...

God is so good!!!

I am so happy for you, and I am continuing to pray that you will have a wonderful time of refreshing. (He brings times of refreshing to our soul!)

Enjoy being headache free! Enjoy time away from work! Enjoy time with hubby and son and daughter in law. Just plain ENJOY!!!

Looking forward to hearing the rest of your adventures.

God is Good!!

tanby said...

i am so glad it worked for you and you feel good. hope you enjoy your trip and drive safe. love you lots

Dixie said...

I'm so glad! I hope things keep going well -- for yourself and the trip! See you when you're back.