Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sioux Falls Rocks!

We left Rugby, ND at about 9am after a nice continental breakfast. Travel today seemed long and tedious. The fog was on again off again and dropped like a heavy blanket instead of slowly creeping in. There were several stops to "Travel Centers", truck stops to us. Lunch was a chicken finger and fry meal picked up at one such center and we drove through to Brookings,SD and did a bit of shopping at the SuperWalmart there. It is a neccessary stop each and every trip. We did pick up a few odds and ends but the best part was picking up Bug a 4-in-1 jacket for $17. It took us $33 to fill up our tank from pretty well empty on our way too.

At present, we are in Sioux Falls sitting in a Ramada Hotel. It comes with a pirate joking! The restaurant is called Castaways and there Bill and I had a great spinach and artichoke dip with baked pita chips and we both had steaks, grilled veggies, fresh bread and fruit. We took a walk around the main floor after supper and saw the Tiki Lounge where they were having goldfish races. That is what I said. They had 2 long glass containers set up; each contestant got a long straw and when they heard the word "go" they needed to blow the fish to the end in order to win. Before it began Bill and I thought that they would be using some sort of fake fish but, no! It was a real, living goldfish.

The pool area had waterslides, a pirate ship with little slides for the kids, water basketball and straw hut looking umbrellas on the tables. It is definitely a place we would love to come to when we have the kids with us; in fact, as much as we were missing them before doesn't begin to compare to how we are missing them now after imagining how much fun they would be having poolside.

As far as my health, the headache is still gone but the back is still stiff just at the needle stick area. Beginning to walk around or first sitting down is a bit pained but it quickly subsides.

I think that I am going to finish this day with a nice long bath and then jump in that comfy looking King size bed...wondering if there is any way to sneak that out of the room without them noticing.

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