Thursday, February 16, 2006

And one with a twist

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What were you doing 10 years ago?

Well, 10 years ago Cherish and I were building our lives up again after leaving her dad the year or so before that. We were just forging a friendship with Bill and I was drinking way too much (sorry for the too much info but it is true). I was just at the point of reaching bottom and realizing that I needed to re-evaluate my life.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

A year ago, I was working nights at Boston Pizza darn near every day of the week and never having time for my friends or my family. Right now, I really feel like this has been the reason that my one friendship(a very close friendship) is appearing to be completely over and that hurts. I was also dealing with Billy moving off to Kansas and Hallie getting ready to start kindergarten. I had just quit my other part-time job at the care home because I was missing everyone that I love and Hallie was in the midst of bad dreams and was enduring a nightly ritual of bedwetting.

Five snacks you enjoy:

strawberries, grapes, melon etc with strawberry yogurt to dip it in.
breton crackers with dill pickle chip dip (a lot healthier than chips)
apples with peanut butter
garlic bread sticks with ranch dip
Crispys Tortilla chips (made out of rice) Salsa and sour cream flavored

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

Sin Met Grace by MidSouth Boys
This Kiss by Faith Hill
Don't Take The Girl by Tim McGraw
Don't Cry Daddy by Elvis
Daddy's Girl by Red Sovine
Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnnie Cash
I could go on and on...and on and on...

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Buy a ranch with rustic but big and beautiful house complete with horses and barn
Fix up my brother and sister-in-law's farm for them (my childhood home)
Charity, charity, charity (aka missions of some sort)
Pay off Bill's student loan and all of our other debts
Give some money to my friends so they can do with it as they choose

Five bad habits:
Bite my lip, especially when I am nervous or stressed out.
I grind my teeth in my sleep.
I can sometimes take 3 hours to go get milk beause I get distracted by good sales.
I start cleaning or organizing projects 10 minutes before bed or having to go to work and then I never seem to get back to it.
I always pull down and at my shirt because I feel very self conscious about my stomach.

Five things you like doing:
Being with my friends and mostly, my family
Riding horses cross country or water all day...week...
Cross stitching
Working on my family tree

Five things you would never wear again:
A spandex black miniskirt
belly shirts
tapered ankle biting blue jeans that you need to pry on over your ankle (flashback to 1989)
my ex husband's wedding ring (lol...I had to add that one)
a freshly pressed polyester pants suit color baby pink (flashback kindergarten)

Favourite toys:
My camera
My sewing machine
Lite brite
brand new crayons (wax) and a brand new coloring book
a couple pieces of wood nailed together to float down the "river" (flooding from our dugout)-flashback my entire childhood

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