Monday, January 09, 2006

A Little Tee'd Off..But I Should Get Over It

I got called into work this morning and after completely waking up and getting over the "my original plans for the day have been ruined" mood I created for myself, I got myslef and Aren ready and headed off to the sitter and then to work. My day went really well aside from the fact that I didn't have time to make my lunch and was forced to eat hospital cafeteria food which was particularily disgusting today. I made a new friend, two actually. I was working in the senior's home which is part of the hospital and one little old lady, who seemed to have an aversion to the nurses today, wanted me to give her a laxative and only me. I gently pursuaded her that she (and her butt) would be better off if we got someone who knew what they were doing and off I went to clean rooms. As I was just finishing my shift my second new friend, another elderly lady, called me over to her chair where she grabbed my nametag, which was firmly affixed around my neck, pulled me down, gave me a big kiss on the cheek and proceeded to tell me that I was so sweet to visit her and that she loved me so much. (Sad that she got that much enjoyment from a "forced" visit from a stranger and I wondered if her family came to visit her much; I also wondered if my grandfather had been that lonely when he was in there and that made me feel close to heartbroken.)

I found out that I wouldn't be getting called in any more this week (exluding the shifts I all ready know about) as I am maxed out on my hours. It is nice to know that I won't be getting any calls first thing in the morning and that I won't have my mind racing to quickly figure out what day and time it is and if I will actually be able to come into least for the remainder of this week.

4:00 came and I was so pleased; I was going to be able to pick up Cherish from piano and Hallie from dance and it just felt good because I haven't been able to do that in a really long time. I stopped at the job board to see if there were any new postings that I could apply for-applied for a couple of long shots but thought to myself I definitely won't get it if I don't even apply and was out the door into the "fresh" air to begin my commute home.

I was following an elderly gentleman in a half-tonne out the drive way and towards the road. He stopped. I stopped. We waited for traffic to go by. Two trucks happened to be turning into the hospital and this old man decided that he was too far out on the road for them to drive past him (which one of them had all ready been successful at). To rectify this (ahem) "problem" he decided to back his truck up, very quickly and, without looking behind him to see if there was anyone back there (like ME!!!) and he proceeded to back right into my van. I had laid on the horn 3 times and was in the process of putting the van in reverse when he whacked me. There is a nice hitch sized hole in my front bumper now. You can see the outline of the entire hitch but only 3 of the 4 sides pierced the bumper.

I got his name and number and plate number and all that jazz but I had no other idea how to go about dealing with this. While talking to him I think I was a little numb because there just didn't seem to be any reaction to what had happened at all; it was like this happened all the time-no big deal. The longer I was in the van driving to get the kids, the more frustrated I got that this had even happened and wondering if he was going to be honest when we talk to the insurance company or what...

I was late picking the girls up so I wound up going about getting them in such a backwards, loopy, completely unlogical way because I knew that Hallie would be more upset about me not being there to get her and would panic before Rush would. So I was pretty well an hour late to get Rush from her lesson...sorry Dix and in a bad mood to boot.

Tomorrow I get to take the car in to see what the heck is going to happen, I guess and file a report or whatever the heck you do when someone smashes into you. Wish me luck and pray that I don't lose my temper...


Anonymous said...

hope today is better and just be honest with the cops and SGI. they can be pains but it is their job. hopefully i can catch you on msn sometime soon if you have a few days off.

Dixie said...

Does that mean that you didn't get the milk that Bill called and asked us to tell you to bring home?!

What a way to end a busy day!!

Candice said...

sheesh. I hate hate hate fender benders. We have had more than our fare share, both our faults and those that weren't. It's SUCH a pain. At least it wasn't your fault!

Love Mom said...

Dixie, I did get milk because I called Bill from the dance studio to complain about the guy and he let me know. I had wanted to come in and explain why I was so late but Cherish met me at the door and said you were with another student.