Sunday, January 29, 2006

Definitely NOT a morning person

Here I sit, 6:30 A.M., eating a bowl of packaged, instant oatmeal that leaves me desiring, well, the real stuff. However, not being a morning person I can't seem to wrap my brain into being concious enough to do that-perhaps if it were 8 or 9. Why on earth am I up at this hour? Why? Oh yeah, someone decided we needed to work for a living instead of just being cute (* grin *).

I don't think I would be quite so tired but it has been a busy few days at work. I went there for a shift Thursday night and left agreeing to work everyday since up to and including today. Thursday I was cleaning all the discharges and did 12 rooms (after 11 they tell you that you don't have to clean the room completely), Friday night I did 19 and last night, thankfully, I only had 8. This was all on top of cleaning the lab. Now, don't get me wrong, the work was great (perhaps a bit stressful on Friday and I did threaten to cry if I got one more phone call but...); being busy like that really makes the night fly by. The thing that I don't like is coming home from work at 11:45 P.M. and needing to be back at work for 7:30 A.M. the next day.

It is my own fault though; I agreed. Technically I agreed to a Sunday night shift but I couldn't work it as we are celebrating Jenn's 18th birthday today; so, I switched shifts with someone. Ah, once I get there and wake up a bit I will be fine.

Really though, I don't think I have EVER been a morning person. I will clean house at 1 and 2 in the morning. Usually I blog and surf at night too. My jobs have been mainly night jobs. Bill on the other hand is a morning person and a few years ago, one of those incredibly annoying morning people. More often than not I wanted to shoot him when he came bounding into the room gleefully screaming "Get up! Get up! It's a beautiful morning!" while bouncing on the bed. Yeah, one thing to say to that, "Bang!!".

I have to admit, I think I am getting better. I have managed to make a coherent sentence or two while writing this and I think I even spelled coherent correctly. I do think, in retrospect, that this is the reason I never passed my grade 12 was first thing in the morning!!! I failed, not because I didn't understand, gave up and refused to apply myself or even try anymore; I failed because it was a conspiracy against me, from the very beginning, by the school's administration. Yeah...that's it...

Anyway, see you everyone and have a great day. (I am so wishing I could phone a couple of my friends and say "Get up! Get up! It's a beautiful morning!" but, I would REALLY like to keep them as my friends so I think I will pass.)

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