Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Good News on the Home Front

I phoned my claims adjuster today about the van because I hadn't heard anything and it had been 2 weeks since I had reported it. As you may remember, the guy who hit me had 7 days to respond to her letter to report his side of the story (and if you didn't remember, pay more attention. *grin*). Anywho, I called her and left a message and by noon she had called me back stating that the gentleman who hit me was indeed a gentleman and admitted 100% liability. Whew!!! As soon as I get my letter from her stating my liability is clear I will be taking my van to my cousin's body shop to be fixed. I was surprised to learn that while the van is in for repair that I will also be getting a rental car, for free, for 2 days.

Thank God. I was a little stressed out about it because, sure, the van is drivable but I don't want it looking like that and I am going to have to replace my windshield sooner than later as the chip I got (and fixed at the window repair place) has decided to resurface during the cold weather and also decided to begin spidering across the window. This leads me to believe it will grow by leaps and bounds once we get our COLD weather. As a side note, I got the darn chip from a truck driver throwing rocks while driving too fast on a gravel road. Sheesh!

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