Thursday, January 12, 2006

The fear of hockey...players

Hallie and I went out, just the two of us and got a couple of ice creams and while we were enjoying them a young hockey player came into the store, about 10 years old. Hallie immediately figured he was mean and was planning on hurting her because of her episode with Mr. PunkBrat a few days ago at the rink. I tried to explain to her that not all hockey players are mean or are jerks. She didn't really want to believe me, perhaps her experience combined with the experiences she has heard that I have had with our local hockey team put up a little road block in her mind from accepting this as truth.

We asked her if Daddy, Marc, Pastor Shane or Uncle Shawn were mean and she confidently replied "No!". I think it sunk in when we then told her that they were all hockey players and still do enjoy hockey.

If that doesn't work I may show her the footage of Mr. Mark Messier's emotional hockey moment today. What a great guy! What a role model that some unmentioned hockey players should look to for inspiration and for how to truly play the game.

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