Wednesday, September 02, 2009

To and Fro

And no, this isn't a post about my hair...

This new job of BigB's has been great for him (for us); he loves the people he works for and with, the environment he works in and the opportunities he has to travel within our beautiful province.

He has gone to two places so far (other than around here), one being a place he had never been before and that was just last week. Today he leaves again and gets home Friday - just in time for the long weekend. (Speaking of the long weekend, I am hoping we do something). Tuesday morning he flies off again and comes home late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

I certainly hope he gets to make good use of his "collapsible" Ugly Stick fishing rod and new reel that we bought just for this purpose. It fits nicely in his overnight bag. I am thinking we need to send an empty cooler with him so he can bring some of his catches home for us to feast on. After all...'s only fair.


chili pepper said...

Those fishing rods are really super cool...easy to take with you anywhere. I hope it serves him well!


Missy said...

Its so much better for everyone when you like your job!!! YAY!