Thursday, September 17, 2009

I know it's not Feb 2

but, this little ground hog is popping her head out to say...

Wow! What a week this has been! I watched my brother marry a wonderful lady on Saturday. I laughed; I cried. It moved me, Bob!

No, really, it did. It was truly one of the most beautiful and moving weddings I have ever been to.

Sunday we had a good friend over for supper and later on in the evening a couple of very dear friends came over for coffee.

Monday was the kids' first music lessons and boy oh boy, did Bug ever make a good first impression. He walked in with his hair tosseled and held with gel, black dress pants and orange shirt and his "leather" biker jacket, flipping his fancy red drumsticks around. One of the people in the room stated that they figured he had to be the coolest kid they had ever seen. I think they may be right, at least as far as 6 year old boys go.

I've been training my replacement all week and now that time has come; tomorrow is my last day. We are all going for lunch tomorrow as a farewell to myself and another girl who left last Friday. Vietnamese food! Yummy!!!

On Saturday two of my dear friends are getting married and I have been doing the decorations. I have done my very best but I am simply hoping that it looks as nice as they deserve. I want nothing short of the best for them.

I am still missing my girl and think of her often.

The other day Bug had a hard time sleeping because Jewel kept jumping on his window sill in the middle of the night and he insisted that she was tring to run away from us just like Rush did. Needless to say, he and Jellybean have been finding this incredibly difficult.

BigB is gone for another week next week and he has been in school all this. We haven't seen much of him but plan to have a nice family time after church on Sunday. it may involve pizza...delish!

Oh! I just saw my shadow and so I must retreat back into my hole and hide for a bit more. See you after the wedding - perhaps with pictures...

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Missy said...

I hope your last day is warm and wonderful!!! And that lunch is yummy!!!