Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A pinch of this and a small dash of that

BigB is gone this week, for work. He'll be back Friday.

It's always really quiet after i put the kids to bed when he is gone; it maks for a long night.

The kids' music lessons went really well last night; Bug got over his shyness of his teacher and actually spoke to him last night. His teacher said it was like having a totally different kid. Jellybean could be heard all the way down the hall telling her teacher all kinds of stories. I had to tease her when she came out of her class.

I am getting some odds and ends done around here this week and trying to find a job. Today I will do that while Bug is in school so he doesn't have to tag along.

I may, finally, get the bottles/cans to Sarcan to recycle. The money is being split among the two kids to save towards their future purchase of a DS.

Tonight we will be going to what will probably be the last weiner roast of the year. The two younger kids and I will be going to a friend's house to partake in some burnt wieners and whatever else we gather together - should be LOTS of fun!

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