Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday was great!

My old self keeps going to say "I can't believe what happened at church on Sunday" because I have never seen it before but I can believe because I know that God is capable and willing to do it. We are in the middle of a building project, as some of you know. We have taken our old sanctuary, built a second level put the ACE classes on the bottom floor and the WRTC classes on the top floor. We are getting our new sanctuary building today! For the last few weeks we have been having our church services in a tent...not too bad but, given the choice, I would rather not be in there for too many more evening services. It does get a bit chilly toward the end of the service.

Now, here is where things got really cool on Sunday. We, as a church, had a financial need in order to get the cement poured so we can get our building up and ready before too long. The money we needed was $30, 000.00. Pastor Kevin informed us of the need and asked who could help with that. Within 10 minutes we had raised $30, 000.00!!!

What is so astounding about that? I mean really $30, 000.00 is nothing when we are speaking about God's capabilities, right? The part that has really gotten me is that most of the people there that day were single moms and their kids. We had 120 people there that day and through them and their willingness to give and their faith in God 120 people gave $30, 000.00!!!

Most of our Junior Highs/Seniors have jobs (most of them paper routes) and between 10 kids they came up with $640.00 to give to this need!!! We definitely don't need one of those little thermometer guages when we need to raise money for something! The money is there before one could even find the paper to make it!

There is such a desperation in our congregration for the presence of God and each service it is getting thicker and thicker. Other than going to WRC in Kansas City, Mo I have never been in a place like this; I have never felt this anywhere else! You really do need to come and check it out for yourselves!! (Services are Friday at 7 or Sunday at 10:30) Even talk to the Dean or Principal and see if you can audit one or some of the Training Center classes to see if that's the place for you! Some of my friends here may be interested to know that we will be learning some Hebrew and the Jewish culture in these classes in the weeks coming up. I can't wait!!!

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