Monday, September 01, 2008

Let's get caught up

This past week has been a week of changes in one degree or another so, let's get caught up on them all.
Tuesday began Jellybean's Grade 3 year; nothing too terribly new to report on that front: one new kid in the class, Hunter is still there and still her sweetie; Sharmayne is still there and still her good friend. She had math homework the first day (was excited by that) and has had everyday since.

Tuesday also found us in the midst of tornadoes and the choas of said tornadoes has ensued. Baseball sized hail did its number on windows, vehicles and most importantly, animals... My hometown, where family still lives, has been called a disaster. Jellybean & Bug figured that since there had been a tornado people were either dead or they got to visit their brother in Kansas...I get a kick out of how kids' minds work sometimes.
Tuesday also found BigB, Rush & I in emergency with Rush. She hit her head very hard, lost consciousness, began throwing up and all the other wonderful concussion signs. We took her to the walk-in clinic where they checked her over and felt she was ok to go home but doc told us if anything got worse to take her to Emerg right away...a half hour later she was blacking out again and slurring her words, so off it was to Emerg until 3:30 AM, home for a couple hour snooze and then back to Emerg at 7 to get the girl.

Wednesday I was off work because I had yet to have any sleep and we needed to keep a good eye on Rush. She was very groggy, very sleepy, very headachy but better. I got to pick Jellybean up from school today too and that was good because I wasn't able to get the time off work to take her to school her first day; I felt VERY ripped off for missing that!
Thursday I found out through phone calls and emails from co-workers that there had been a meeting I wasn't told about that directly effects my job. It was a tad bit stressful and I have to admit I did not react nor handle this situation as well as I would have liked to have. (I never did anything dumb but I just would have like to have handled it better.)

I did get birthday cake at work as Thursday was the day that we had the cake for August's birthdays. My friend, Carol made a special trip to 1521 to make sure that I got a peice of my cake. I really appreciate her for that and thought that the gesture was really, really nice.

Friday was my day off and I had planned to relax for the morning, take Bug to his first day of Kindergarten and then go to a children's church workshop before the evening church service for our Raising the Standard conference. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men...Friday morning did find me getting to go downtown to pay the water bill but as soon as I got home I began calling our family doctor (on holidays), our "second" doctor (not in until 10:30) and finally talked to the doc who had taken care of Rush in Emerg as her headaches were NOT getting any better. Dr Ribeiro (or Dr Rubberroo as Bug called him) quickly arranged a Catscan and C-spine xray for her and we got that out of the way with the happy knowledge that there is nothing clinically wrong other than she got a bad concussion and may have to endure headaches for awhile (fortunately we have a God who heals and we don't need to endure anything of the sort).

I got Bug to his first day of Kindergarten (after giving him a lunch of Kraft Dinner and "octupus") where he was very pleased to see two of his buddies from Pre-K. Immediately following his drop-off I went to the workshop and was there until just before supper time.

Friday evening's service and our first night of Raising the Standard conference was very good; we got lots of things to think about that night (however I heard Saturday's was very, very powerful)

Saturday Rush worked until 11 AM at the grocery store and BigB worked at the church (the school is almost done and can be occupied by our students on Tuesday!!!!!). After they got home we headed off to McDonald's (yuck) and ate our lunch on the way to the lake where we were going to watch my cousin get married. It was really nice (a little windy on the beach) but it was nice to see family again and Bug had so much fun dancing with his buddy and cousin, DD.

Bug and DD ran up to the head table at one point ringing their bells to make the bride and groom kiss when the bride told them that if they kept doing it she was going to kiss them. She then planted a big kiss on Bug and he strutted back to the table looking proud as a peacock (he even got to have a dance with the beautiful bride).

Sunday held the final two sessions/services for the conference and in between we had a nice lunch and visit with a new family to the church.

There hasn't been much down time this week and today I am pretty worn out but, there is lots to do: School supplies for Rush, last minute stuff on the building, bath the kidlets, make lunches...I do, however, think I have to get a nap in here sometime. Yeah, a nap would definitely be nice.

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P.J. said...

WOW!!! That sounds like quite the week! Goodness!!

Hope Rush is doing better. Tell her I hope she feels well soon!!

Did you get that nap??