Saturday, September 06, 2008

Can You Believe It?

It took two days of being open for our church's ACE school to be full to capacity and we haven't even completed it yet. so, we are facing another building project before completing one of the three parts we are in right now. It was Day Two and there was all ready a waiting list to get into our school. I think it is pretty cool.

Rush has been having some of the best times of her life in this school! She loves her "teachers" and she is excited to see what Coach has in store for them this year. They will be learning Cree too so that will come in handy for their career prospects.

Rush has a new friend, a girl who just moved here with her family; she is deaf but that hasn's stopped the girls from getting to know her. In fact, they are sort of breaking the rules but getting away with it on a technicality. There is the no talking/no passing notes rule and if you get caught you get a demerit; they have never once broken that rule yet still communicate during class. I think there needs to be an added clause to that rule...No sign language during class time.

So week one of school: the paces aren't here yet as they were waiting for more kids to finish their diagnostics but my daughter has learned how to say a few words in sign language and has learned how to efficiently communicate with her new friend through "spell" signing...and we have all ready outgrown our space...I'd say that that is a pretty good week.

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