Monday, April 02, 2007

This is what's been happening lately

Jellybean and Bug both passed their swimming lessons. Jellybean is now in Level 2 and Bug went from being a Sea Turtle to being a Salamander. Very exciting! Bug was another brave soul and HE went off the diving board last Saturday...TWICE! I was no where near as nervous this time as I knew what the teacher would be doing.

Jellybean had Dance pictures done. That was some pretty fancy footwork on my part. Swimming was done at 12:45 and we had to have Jellybean in full costume, with full dance makeup and a bun in her hair and in line for pictures at 1:15. It was tense for a couple of minutes but we pulled it off with only a small and very fixable hitch; I forgot to bring lipstick from home for her.

Rush began volunteering at the nursing home just across the street from us and is loving it. The first day she went she helped out with craft time; they made Easter hats. She never wants to make another hat again but it sounds like she had a great time and made one lady's day. Every Sunday afternoon she goes over and helps with tea time and one of the residents is trying to tell her she needs to ask for a full-time job. It's nice to know that she is making a good impression on the residents and that they like her.

Rush and Jellybean have both been nominated for the Badge of Peace and Respect, a local award coming up at the end of April. So, woohoo for them!!

BigB just came home from doing some computer work for friends of his, a nice Polish family. He came home stuffed from all the great food they made for him plus, he walked in the house carrying 2 big yogurt containers of honey. Yummy!!!

I will get pictures put up here possibly tomorrow of the kids and their swimming/diving board jumping.

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