Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is Kansas City calling; do you accept the charges??

Lately I have felt like I was losing my mind but when I talked to BigB it seems the same thing has been happening to him. For the last couple of weeks anywhere I go I see people we know from Kansas City: people we know really well and people we just recognize from the church. At first glance these people are the spitting image of these people we know. The second glance shows that they actually look nothing like our friends there. It has been really weird.

I have seen Pastor Steve, Doctor Mike, Justin, Phoebe's dad. Last night was when I was sure I saw Justin on the camera coming into the Emergency Room at the hospital. When they guy came in he looked ABSOLUTELY nothing like Justin.

This has been happening to BigB too but I have no idea who he has "seen". It is really quite weird though.


Your Little Boy said...

You Know what i think this means!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know me if you saw me nowadays. I've cut my hair!


Love Mom said...

How short?! Like short short?

RennyBA said...

Maybe it's a kind of a Deja Vu?

Btw: Thanks for your comments on our celebrating of spring in Norway. I'm sure you'll soon have the lovely spring weather in Canada too:-)

Anonymous said...

Send me an Email and I'll send you photos.

Doc said...

Oops! Allow me to correct my own E-mail. It is: