Monday, April 09, 2007

Technogeek toothfairy

Yesterday Jellybean worked and worked and worked on getting her third loose tooth out. She had given herself a deadline for last night before bed. I don't know why; she just did. Her reasoning was something along the lines of swallowing it but it wasn't that loose.

Towards the end of the afternoon she got her dad involved and asked him to bring out the "pliers" he had used the last time to be able to just grab the tooth. She lay there on the couch as BigB worked on the tooth and squeezed my hand from time to time but she was so very brave.

Thankfully, the tooth did come out before her bedtime and she rejoiced about that. Once the rejoicing was over though she asked BigB how the Toothfairy was going to know she had actually lost her tooth.

Dad's answer: I will email her and let her know, honey.

For those of you wonder: my day of orientation went really well and the nerves are done with. I go back on the 20th for registration and my first full day of classes will be the 23rd.

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RennyBA said...

Great to know that the tooth fairy can be reached by mail nowadays !!

Glad to know your nerves are under control too:-)