Saturday, December 16, 2006

Out the Window...

Ever since I can remember I have had someone look out their window to wave goodbye to me even after we have bid farewell inside the house. By 'someone' I mean my dad. It is such a comforting vision to look at that window and know that he is there watching out for me as I get into my van and drive off. I can think back even farther to when I was a child and living 20 steps from my grandma's house and she did the same thing. She would watch us walk from her house to ours, waving as we walked.

The other day I was at my dad's and my uncle was there (actually my dad's best friend) and after saying our goodbyes and giving our hugs and Merry Christmas wishes I went to buckle Bug into the van. Much to my pleasant surprise, as I looked up from the van to wave to Dad again, I saw him and my uncle standing in the window making sure I left safely and offering one last farewell.

I want that feeling for my kids. I feel so loved and so protected and so special and I really want that for my children.

That means, I need to figure out how to rearrange my living room furniture so I can make it to the living room window to watch out for them and to leave them with one more goodbye as they leave.

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