Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Here it is, 10:10 pm on New Year's Eve and I find myself ready for bed...

Have I gotten so old that I can't even see the new year in? Have I gotten so lame that my idea of a good time is my pillow, my blanket and a nice cold cloth over my head?

In a manner of speaking, probably.

Last year our New Year's Eve was spent at friends' house; we ate too much, watched the clock until it reached midnight, wished our friends a happy new year and were pretty much home and in bed by 12:08.

In my prime (my heathen prime that is), I was just getting started at 12:08. The party was just getting good and I could keep the dancing up for a few more hours. Ah, to be young and foolish...nah, I think I am happy older and wiser.

Today was spent at church, went to Bill's work for a few minutes(cha ching) and ran off to BPs for a spinach dip that a friend said would make me feel immediately better(yes folks, 3 months later and I am STILL sick). It was decided at BPs that we would stop by the Walk-in Clinic to see which doctor was working as there is one there that I really wouldn't want to see if my life were held in the balance let alone if I were attempting to recover from brochitis and that "special" doctor was there. Off we went back home for a long awaited nap and plans to come back after shift change.
Once I finally awoke we dropped off the movie we watched last night (World Trade Center) and headed off to the clinic for what I hoped was good news and a magical cure.

The doctor, a sweet, young lady, who looked at me sympathetically when I told her of my struggle to kick this and of my lack of sleep and lack of emotional balance due to sleeplessness, gave me 3 different prescriptions (a pharmacuetically concocted cough medicine, a flovent inhaler and nasonex) bore me this tidbit of bad prescription for nasonex is for 3 months and it could very well take me that long to recover from my illness. I now have an irritated and inflamed airway due to the length of my bronchial mess. So, I could very well be sick for half a year because of bronchitis and a certain nameless doctor who I will go to extreme measures to avoid having to see for anything more deadly than splinter removal (who told me I have not been sick for three months and that all I had was nothing more than post-nasal drip).

The point of this long rambling, complaining post is not to ramble nor to complain but to tell you all that we love you. We have loved sharing this year with you in whatever way we have been able to. We can't wait to share 2007 with you! For those of you who are far away...remember: we think of you often, miss you like crazy and love you to pieces!

Happy New Year!!!!!


Goodnight. I'll see you in the new year.


Dixie said...

Happy New Year. I'm about ready for bed too, but Marc and I are going to continue our game of "Stock Ticker" -- which is really about the extent of excitement we've ever had at new years -- even in the days of our youth...

I hope you're feeling better soon. 6 months?! At least with the "9 month flu" you get a baby at the end! :)

tanby said...

happy new year
hope you start to feel better soon
love you lots and wish you all the best

Love Mom said...

That's what I was thinking too Dixie. I am getting ripped off...sick this long and I don't even get a baby at the end!!! I need to find the right complaint department for this issue!