Friday, November 10, 2006

Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Snacks and Weird Bedtime Rituals

When Jellybean and Bug were nursing they both twirled their foot around and around and got a grip on my lip that would intimidate Hulk Hogan. Jellybean out grew any weird bedtime ritual obsessions but Bug, on the other hand, has developed a particularily weird comfort ritual...He plays with his bellybutton while drinking his cup of milk at bed. I mean, he prepares for this. He will lift up his shirt, raise his hand in anticipation for that cup and commence playing with his bellybutton.

Is it just my kid or does any other child have weird little rituals or habits you would like to share?


lisa said...

i think it's just your kids...;)

Love Mom said...

For sure...they get that from their