Monday, November 20, 2006

Whines, Cries and other sounds that drive parents to drink

Ok, so lately Mr. Bug has decided to begin whining, not in the barely audible but extremely annoying way but, in the "You gave me heck!" followed by the most dramatic soap opera worthy cry I've seen in a long time. There is also the shoulder droop followed by the heart-wrenching run and cry to the bedroom which ends in the devestating throwing of ones own body onto ones own bed.

Today I had to have my eyes dilated at the opthamologists and my pupils were about 10 times bigger than my iris' were to begin with. There was a lot of light being forced into my face and I had...have a headache!!! Top this with the "Fabio" of daytime television and you have one cranky mama.

The great part of this equation is I get to go again on Thursday!!! I will deal with this whole headache thing again and then we have a sleep-over party for Jellybean and 5 of her closest girlfriends...why oh why do we willingly torture ourselves like this? I can all ready hear the ear splitting squeals and shrieks...I wanted to take them bowling...BigB decided to ask her if she wanted a sleepover!

P.S. As I was reading this to BigB, I said "Insert name here" instead of using Bug's name and he knew who I was talking about!!!!!!!! He knew!!!! Darn kid! He is, however, totally cute (and playing with his bellybutton as he drinks his milk beside me)!

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