Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ah the innocence of youth...and the singing of what one hears...

Today I was singing a song with Jellybean & Bug, one that we had learned at church. It goes, "Take the limits off. Take the limits off...release me" etc., etc. As I was listening to the kids Bug says "Take the minutes off. Take the minutes off" and something following that was too mumbled for me to hear.

I started to explain to him that those weren't quite the words when Jellybean piped up and said, "Ya! It's 'Take the minutes off. Take the minutes off...Belief me...'."

It reminded me of a time when we were small, coming home from Tae Kwon Do and my brother sang a song with some pretty goofy wording in it...don't know if he'd be mad if I said or not, so I chose not but...

...I almost burst a blood vessel trying not to laugh(at the kids or the memory of my brother)...almost.

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