Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's down to the nitty gritty

There is now officially less than one month to the P.B. & J wedding. Believe me when I say, "yikes!"

Today Jellybean & I got our dresses fitted; J gets hers done next week. We finally found shoes for Jellybean after searching high and low in this place. We were getting desperate enough that we were almost to the point of paying the $40 for the ballet style shoes at the bridal store. Payless had some cute ones, a ballet style for $20 (unfortunately not in her size) but we found another cute pair of heeled sandals for $17.

Our good friend, Brenda threw a nice shower for J at the church and she got some lovely gifts from all the ladies there. On Saturday we are off to her mom's home town for another bridal shower.

Poor J is getting to the point where she is so terribly excited but she has had an emotional break down when it comes to leaving her brothers and sisters behind. She is afraid Bug will forget her and she figures that her wedding is the last time she will ever see LilB and Nat as neither couple can afford to travel to the visit the other.

We've also gotten to the point now where we are trying to organize hair appointments, nail appointments, straightening out crazy tan lines (thank God for that sunless tanning lotion) and all sorts of last minute details.

I can only imagine what the last 2 weeks and especially last week are going to be like.

I did however take the time today to make the kids some of their favorite summertime treats. At the moment we have yogurt popsicles, banana pops covered in chocolate with sprinkles, banana pops covered with walnuts and banana pops covered with strawberry yogurt in the freezer. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the chocolate pudding/graham cracker sandwich frozen treats made up.

On Monday I am sending an email to my boss to inform her that I am resigning from my switchboard position. I finally came to the decision even though emotionally I knew I wanted to do it a while ago. I love the position other than the fact that as casual staff I am there primarily on weekends and holidays. I don't want to be missing any more Christmases and I am wanting to make weekends free so we can spend more time as a family.

I should have done this a long time ago as I realized how fast the years are going; I mean, I have 2 kids married (almost) and another going to high school for crying out loud. I don't think we are doing that poorly in our finances that I need to sacrifice my time with my family or my friends anymore.

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