Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have a Permanent Part-Time job now in Health Records. It is a guaranteed 32 hours in a 3 week period but I still have my relief position here so it won't take much to get a lot of hours.

We had the last of 2 bridal showers for J this past Saturday. Jellybean took that day to finally realize that J isn't really living with us anymore and she is taking it hard. She is packed up and will be moving to L.M. next Saturday.

My little Bug turned 4 years old on Saturday too. We had a joint birthday party for him and my dad on Sunday. I can't believe he is 4 all ready. What a grown up young man.

I haven't been sleeping well lately as GeekNerdCutiePants has been gone a lot with work. Plus I was in Emerg with Rush until 2:30 AM on Saturday/Sunday. Yesterday my boss sent me home at lunch and I slept all day and most of the night. (Feeling better now) Jellybean had to come and tuck me in at her bedtime and she sang me 10 minutes of "All the Pretty Little Ponies" (her favorite lullaby); at least she sang me all of the words she knows. It was beautiful and I felt so loved.

It is so hot here right now. Apparently we broke a record from 1948 or something yesterday. It was 33 degrees Celsius but the humidex registerd 40 degrees. Whatever that is in Farenheit I have no clue. For here that is really hot. In the office today there is absolutely no air flow and the fans are just blowing all the warm air around. If I get put out on the patio at BPs today, I quit (grin).

I think that catches you up to date but I will double check later.

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