Thursday, May 24, 2007

So proud I am crying!

Rush had a school project that she was doing with her two best friends. They had to pick a type of book that you would find in the library and do a report on how it would help the community. The girls decided to use cookbooks and have a bake sale from baking that they did, completely by themselves. They then decided that the way this baking was going to help their community was for them to donate the money they earned to The Children's Haven here in town.

Last weekend was the big weekend of baking. The girls made mints, candies, brownies, cupcakes, dirtcups, jello cups, rice krispie squares-regular, chocolate, caramel and some with Alphabets and I am sure that I am missing some. This week they began selling the baking and decided to take advantage of the poor weather they were going to have for their track meet, decided to sell hot chocolate as well.

Tonight Rush and I rolled up the money and got a total for her to tell The Children's Haven when she called. Rush found the number and called to tell them that tomorrow after school three 13 year old girls would be by to drop off the $160.50 that they had raised just for them.

$160.50!!! I am so proud of those girls! They did a fantastic job and the baking was pretty good too. I was allowed to taste a brownie...


Anonymous said...

Good for the girls. They must have had some pretty fine upbringing to think of doing something like this.

polarpegs said...

See now that's fantastic.


The Pedersons said...

Maybe they could consider making it an annual event?!