Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ordering frenzy...

Last week we got Jellybean's flowergirl dress ordered (and paid for) minus the veil thing they had in the picture because we didn't like that at all. We put a rush order on that so that should get here in a few weeks or so. Rush's dress (in this color) for her grad and the wedding is ordered(paid for) and in the closet here.

Today I got my dress ordered and half paid for(same colors as is shown in the picture-cafe/espresso) for the wedding too and it should take 10-12 weeks to get that here. Now all we need is some shoes for me, Rush and Jellybean. Plus, we need to get to the tux shop and get BigB and Bug's tuxes rented and sized.

The bridesmaids' dresses are ordered; two, however are on backorder. Things seem to be coming together. There is confusion, it seems from the people I talk to about whether there will be a reception following. J inadvertently forgot to put that on the invites but, yes, there is a lunch and reception to follow the ceremony at the same place.


Joanne said...

So you did decide on that dress! Good choice.
You will all look so beautiful.

RennyBA said...

What lovely dresses for all of you. Yours will look gorgeous on, I'm sure!

How lovely to plan for all this. Must be exciting but sometimes also stressful. Don't forget to have fun too!

I know you like to see your grandpa's homeland. Come on over and see how we celebrate May Day:-)