Monday, January 05, 2009

The Tooth Fairy stole my baby!!!!

She did!!! And I am putting out an A.P.B. on her!!! She isn't very tall, resembles Tinkerbell and will most likely be carrying someone's tooth!!! She has stolen my baby from me!

Last night I was helping Bug brush his teeth when I noticed a tooth on the bottom left-hand side of his mouth was very wiggly. I informed him of my new found discovery and it sent him into gales of sweet, joyful giggles. It sent me into an instant flashback of my bald-headed, 7 lb 14 oz, toothless bundle of joy and how the years have disappeared with a blink of my eyes-just one blink. In that very instant the Tooth Fairy stole my baby from me.

He is quite a little man now. He holds doors open for me and asks how my day at work went, grabs a blanket for us so we can "nuggle" on the couch, loves to have me read "Love You Forever" to him and promises to take care of me for his whole entire life. Bug is now reading stories not by the words but through interpretting the story's pictures and he has come up with some grand tales and taken us on some incredible adventures and when he sees me his face lights up with joy and love when he sees me after even a brief absence. He loves holding my hand when we cross the street or are in aparking lot and without his hand in mine, mine feels a void.

So, I need to find this Tooth Fairy to give her a piece of my mind! She has stolen the other 6 all ready and I had just hoped for a little more time!!!

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