Friday, January 23, 2009

She's leaving on a jet plane...

It has been quite a week, I'll tell you! Our van broke down the week before so we were driving the car. BigB thought he would try to boost the van with the car in hopes of reviving it and...the car quit. We thought it was the alternator but alas, it is some yet to be diagnosed problem. We will be working on it this weekend with hopes of it being on the road very soon. As a result of our vehiclelessness (I know! I know! What kind of word is that?) we have been overwhelmed with support from our church body/friends. They have been picking us up, taking us to work, school and church; we have had vehicles lent to us for periods of time and are currently getting to use Miss Teresa's car. (By the way, it has heated seats and I WANT A CAR WITH THOSE!)

Yesterday was our last day of Hebrew class and I will now be taking a bit of a hiatus from school in order to spend more time with the kids. I talked to Pastor Kevin about it on Tuesday and he thinks it is a good idea as well. Rush has been taking on the brunt of our absence and we want to remove some of that stress from her as much as we can; I offered it of myself as I am also finding our schedule, not hard or taxing, but I was finding it leaving me feeling void of some important "mom-time".

Rush & I got to go out for some "Mom/Daughter" time last Sunday. We went to BP's shared some Cactus Cuts, Twist Bread with pizza sauce and a small Boston Royale pizza. By the time it was all said and done we were too full to move and not sure how we were going to make it playing volleyball that next hour (but we did just fine). I loved getting to spend that time with just her & I and hopefully next time we go we can spend a bit more time visiting with each other. (One of my old bosses came for a visit which was nice but did take away from our time alone.)

Speaking of Rush, she has some excitement ahead of her. Last night she called us to let us know that she had been invited by P.K and S.T. to go to Toronto with them, their daughter and another friend. They will be flying (something she has never done before), going to Pastor Peter Marshall's church, going to China Town and Niagra Falls and hopefully living it to the fullest and enjoying the experience of different sites, tastes etc. I can't wait to see the pictures and to hear her stories. We are on a fast track to saving money for her to go as she will have airfare to pay, meals to pay for and a need/desire for spending money (and I would hate for her to go and not be able to enjoy a bit of shopping-that's what makes it the most fun for girls anyway). Our plan is to gather up all our pop cans/bottles and return them. Rush's school fees for Feb. are all ready paid so her only bill between now and departure is her cell phone bill. We are having faith that all the money she needs will be provided!

She leaves on the 18th so she has approximately 3 weeks to be prepared. I have 3 weeks to contain my excitement for her-having only ever gone 1 or 2 places outside of SK myself, I am bubbling over with joy for her and hope that she has an absolute blast with her friends!

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Dixie said...

She'll have such a great time!! That's awesome!