Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a great day!

I don't know if this day could have been more fun while being so productive; I really don't. Today BigB & I went with the kids and got them 3 new fish. It has taken us this long to get over the last fish dying fiasco but we, today, have 3 new white mollies. One of which looks really neat with black spots all over; he kinda looks like a dalmation.
After all the fish shopping was taken care of we stopped by the church; BigB went with Wayne and Shar came with us. BigB and Wayne went and bought a boat for the church and Shar & I went to the store and got water skis for the church. Camp time next week is going to be so much fun!!! We can't wait.
BigB & I took the kids out for a nice lunch to celebrate their fantastic (Jellybean's outstanding) report cards. (I say outstanding for Jellybean's report card because she got all Acheivings and Excellings this term. All this on the little girl who was told she wouldn't pass Kindergarten due to her disability and each year has been the same thing...we're told this is the year she will be held back and each year she astonishes her teachers because she excels at all her classes. Yay Jellybean and Yay God!!!)

After lunch we went to the playground to play and to get some "fun shots" of us. (It wasn't until later this evening I realized that I burned my back quite badly). We dropped the kids off and headed back to the church to sketch out plans for the renovations and additions to the church, had supper there with Wayne and Shar and came back in time to get kids tucked into bed, "mommy made up stories" told and hamburger frying to make and share nachos with our "family" from across the alley for a movie night.
It has been full and fun. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as we get to spend the afternoon with Pam & Eugene & their two kids for supper after church. It will be a fun filled, laughter filled time!

Looking at fish at Petland. He sure did take a fancy to this big guy but our tank is too small just for him.

Watch out!
We all enjoyed the swings but this was, by far, the best shot.

It is way easier to attempt this with 3 children than with 7.

This is called the art of point and shoot. Why else would she be able to shoot with her eyes closed. cute!

Me and my huney!

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